Areas of expertise

Areas of expertise:

  • Translation about international cooperation and aid to development: Development and cooperation NGOs have a very specific vocabulary with which they write their reports, both internal and public. This vocabulary in Spanish or Catalan is often full of English or French false friends since devolpment takes place at an internacional level and English and French are the communication languages. This is why in Language Services Gemma Beltran we are very careful when it comes to writing in our native languages and we avoid falling into copies or false friends from other languages. We also know that texts from NGOs are long, complicated and they mostly come along with very tigh deadlines. It is also important for us that these texts’ style sound genuinely Spanish or Catalan as a proof of quality.
  • Technical translation: expertise in technical translation and interpreting, having worked in the fields of industrial engineering, civil engineering, construction materials, production of windows, doors, and materials such as aluminium or PVC.
  • Scientific translation: we are experienced in translating scientific texts, mostly about nanoscience and nanotechnology. These are very new areas of science in which English is the international language but we do know that Science has to be transmitted in all languages and our languages’ terminologies are quickly adapting to these new challenges. Trust a translator with a proven expertise in translating these kinds of texts, who knows where to get this documentation, knows the resorces made available for her and all this will lead you to a very high quality translations from your language into Catalan or Spanish.
  • Literary translation: knowledge of Literature and incursions in the field of editorial and literary translation. The combination between literature and translation is my biggest satisfaction, both personally and professionally. I can translate all kinds of magazines, on-line publications, e-books or paper books.

Below you will find some sample translations:

Awarded for the translation of a website for a Seattle-based NGO.

Translation of myriad technical catalogs of a construction material company, selling windows, PVC, composite deck…

Translation of an article from English to Catalan for a Compared Literature magazine, 452ºF.

Translation of a summary of an article by Fred Block to be published in the website of Nous Horitzons Foundation.

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