If you want the quality you deserve in your translations you will need to hire a professional translator. Language Services Gemma Beltran offers the quality you need at an affordable rate. I have translated for private companies, international NGOs and I am a skilled translator specializing in technical, scientifical, literary texts.

  • What are the steps to follow to order a translation?
  • It’s easy. Write to us. Tell us what the text is about, even send the original text if you have it. Is it long or short?  When do you need it back? All these questions will be very handy to determine the time it will take to deliver the translation.

From this first analysis, we will send you a quote for the project and when we will have it ready. Once you accept the quote, we will start working on your project for which we will need to find the appropriate sources to document ourselves on the subject of the text. When the text is translated, we will send it to a professional proofreader who will guarantee the quality of the translation and will check for possible mistakes or omissions. Once this revision is done, we will send you back your translated text along with the invoice. And voilà. Your text is ready.


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