A professional translation is critical for the image and the future of your company.

When you address foreign markets you must adapt your message to the culture, terminology and expressions of the vivid language of each country. To achieve this you will need to hire a PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATOR.

And because each project requires a special professional translator,
I give you my guide with “7 key points to commission a good translation”.

Professional translator

I’m Gemma, a professional translator, proofreader and English teacher.


I help companies to internationalise their businesses through translation so they can reach potential customers around the world.

I will help you to communicate with your clients and foreign partners so that you can present your products and services in a professional manner.

I will translate your website, advertising materials or technical manuals so that you can reach new markets and increase your business opportunities.

I will train your employees with English classes oriented to your business sector so that they are your company's best ambassadors.

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