When you love what you do,
you do it well.


Languages are our passion, and working with passion is something that makes a difference.

Sometimes we hear things such as: “I lived in England for a year, now I translate books and all kinds of texts for companies and professionals”.


When we hear that, we get the creeps.


Would you dare to fix a car for the simple fact that you’ve been driving for ten years, or would you open a restaurant just because you cook at home?


So why do we believe that because we master a language (spoken) we may be able to translate it?

Translation is a difficult task that requires a lot of knowledge, experience and training, and not all those who say “I know how to translate” know -in fact- how to do it.

The old phrase, “let the cobbler stick to his last” is the best way to summarise this idea.


And just as companies hire the services of web designers, graphic designers or accountants because of their expertise, our clients trust us because they know that we are experts in what we do.

We work with a lot of attention to detail, speed, precision and professionalism. That could be stated by any professional, but we all know that reality in most cases differs. We are proud to say that our clients are always satisfied with the results, and they rehire us after a first project.


We maintain long-lasting relationships with customers we have known for years, and they rely on our experience and services for their translations, proofreadings or English classes.


Languages are our passion, and working with passion is something that makes a difference. When you like what you do, you do it well; you strive to learn, improve and achieve the best quality. This is what we do on a daily basis. We deliver high-quality translations and proofreadings and teach English classes focused on your business, fun and profit.

Gemma Beltran – Founder of GEMMA traductora

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Our clients are our best guarantee.

Some of our clients, among others: OXFAM Intermón, European Forest Institute, Government of Wales, Sala Beckett theatre in Barcelona, etc.

We are key partners in your marketing and advertising, legal, technical, literary and social science translations.

Specialisation, specialisation and once again specialisation.

The dynamism, flexibility and speed is what you will get when working with us.

Direct communication, without intermediaries.

We listen to you to understand your needs and create translations that connect with your clients.

Tell us what your target countries are, we will analyse their culture, customs and expressions to adapt the translation to the vivid language of any corner in the world.

We are close to you.

Which distance is not covered by the internet nowadays? Call us. Write us. Let's connect on Skype.

How did it all start?

GEMMA Traductora was born almost spontaneously, like all those things in life that are meant to be. From a very young age, our Founder Gemma Beltran, dreamed of speaking many languages, travelling, meeting people from other countries and seeing the world. Her favourite movie was The Interpreter, by Nicole Kidman, and she imagined herself working in the interpretation booths of the UN headquarters in New York.


This is how, with these goals in mind, she enrolled in the Translation and Interpreting Faculty of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where she studied English, French and Arabic, later on, having the opportunity to live in Bordeaux (France) and Beirut (Lebanon).

From a professional freelance translator to a translation company

After graduating, with two masters on her back and some professional experiences, she embarked on the self-employed life back in 2014. In the early days of GEMMA Traductora, she faced the challenge by herself; from her home office, or anywhere where working with a computer and Internet connection was possible.


Being self-employed is quite different than having a company. However, a self-employed person is also an entrepreneur. As a freelancer, you must learn to be your secretary, director, sales agent, professional translator, telephone operator, and a thousand more tasks that occupy all your working hours making you learn on a daily basis.

The company grows

The professional life is very long, and movement makes us step forward. We felt that by becoming a company, we could reach new clients, cover more languages, expand the service portfolio and continue moving towards the future.


This is how GEMMA Traductora has become what we now call a “2.0 company”, a modern company with a team working remotely; thanks to new technologies, we are in constant communication, but everyone works from where they feel most comfortable.

We are convinced that this idea makes our team enthusiastic about working at GEMMA Traductora because they can combine their work and personal lives as they wish.


That, undoubtedly, impacts the quality of their work, and you, as a client, get the best part of it all.
The future has arrived, and as a translation company, we must lead by example.


The public face of GEMMA Traductora is Gemma Beltran, the Founder and moving force of the company, but the team consists of translators, proofreaders and copywriters natives in several languages: GB English, US English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Catalan, Spanish, and many others.

Our idea is to be an easy-to-reach Company.

A company where you know who’s behind, you can get to know us, meet us and discuss your needs.


We want to be close to you and move forward together to internationalise your company, going hand in hand to reach new customers and potential markets.


We work in constant synchronisation so that your projects always meet your deadlines, and come out with the quality, thanks to our native speakers, always conveying your company’s same professionalism.

Our philosophy is to continually improve and grow sustainably. We want to offer you the best for your company, and we want you to be proud of your language service provider.

Also, we have a network of collaborators to cover other languages such as Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Euskera, among others.

How do you like our company concept? Want to work with us?
Send us an email with your CV, and we will contact you if your profile fits the needs of our customers.

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