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Language is crucial for businesses.

A marketing company knows that in order to sell, they must reach the consumer, and for that, they must move them through the language.


A technical company knows that their instruction manuals must be completely understandable not giving rise to errors because it could lead to serious troubles.


A law firm needs to accurately translate the clauses of a contract to avoid future claims merely resulting from a bad wording.

Language accuracy and adequacy are essential in any economic sphere, because the cost of a bad translation may be immeasurable.

  • Do you need to translate your website?
  • Do you want to reach new customers from other countries?
  • Do you have to sign a contract with a foreign partner and want to make sure you understand the conditions they are proposing in a 100%?
  • You do not trust Google Translate to translate your advertising material?
  • Do you want to avoid the embarrassment of a bad translation of your contents?
  • Are you looking for a professional translation company who will be responsible for translating the manuals of your devices?

In case you ever asked yourself one of these questions, you are now in the right place.


Our job is to transform your texts into a quality, accurate and professional translation so that your clients from any corner in the world will correctly understand what you want to say.

A professional translation is the international image of your company.

Many times you are not aware of what neglecting the translation can mean for your business.
Nevertheless, the remedy is within your reach: hire a professional translation company.

In GEMMA Traductora we help companies to internationalise their businesses through translation so they can reach potential customers around the world.

Our specialisations:

Advertising and marketing translations

Technical translations

Legal translations

Website translations

Publishing sector: textbooks, outreach, novels and non-fiction translations

In addition, we work with collaborators specialised in other fields to help us with different assignments.



We can help if you need to write a text in a specific language before translating it into several languages and your time is limited, or you are not satisfied with the result of what you already have.


We can correct your texts if someone made a quick translation of your documents but you found mistakes.


If you want a second opinion on a phrase that should be published or a slogan in English for your brand that is not sounding good to you…


Or for any other type of collaboration, contact us by phone or email to arrange a meeting, so that, you can tell us exactly what you need.


And if it is the case, please, kindly attach the texts that you wish to translate/proofread or provide the address of your website, and we will get back to you within a maximum of 24 hours.


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I have read and accept the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy.

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