Proofreading of texts


Do ouy imagine that siht text would eb written ekil siht?

Professional proofreading
  • Do you often find texts full of spelling errors?
  • Has it been easy for you to follow the thread of what you read if the text was riddled with errors?
  • How many times have you had to assemble a device or consult the manual of an appliance and still had more doubts because of the terrible wording and confusing text?

A text full of errors or incomprehensible phrases makes reading difficult and poses many problems for the reader, but also casts a negative image over the company publishing such text.

As professional proofreaders, the first thing that comes to mind is that the company publishing the text (on a website, a brochure, etc.) does not value enough what they do and does not invest in treating us with the respect we deserve as clients.


In addition, it also transmits an image of low professionalism, and we surely will not hire their services or buy their products if the description of the product is not correct.


Because, if something as essential as spelling has not been taken care of, how will they manufacture a product whose process is surely more complexed?

To avoid a negative image, the solution is to hire a proofreading service.

Sometimes we think that since we are native speakers of the language in which we write, we already do it well and do not need to spend money on an unnecessary step.


But, unfortunately, this is completely wrong: many people are not very good at writing, so the text they produce may be difficult to understand, perhaps the idea they want to convey is not clear enough or they may not have reread the text and several misspellings were ignored.

Surely you have seen translations made with an automatic translator (free of charge) published directly in a brochure, on a website, in the assembly instructions of a grill, or in the manual of a boiler, lacking human proofreading (Google Translator, etc.).

Did they make you laugh or cry?

Your texts are the very first conversation you have with your clients.
By investing in them you will:


Transmit a careful and professional image of your brand

Offer a quality product

Reach your clients more easily

Communicate exactly what you want to communicate



Our team of proofreaders will detect the mistakes that the translator may have missed and they will correct them.

We also perform spell checking and style editing for our clients.

We proofread all languages thanks to our international team of professional and native proofreaders. Tell us the language you need and we will be sure to find the right expert for your assignment.

Is that what you were looking for? So let’s talk.


The process of requesting a proofreading service is quite similar to the translation process:

Corrección de textos

Request our services


You send us the text or texts that you need to proofread, whether they are translations or original documents in a specific language.

Corrección de textos marketing

Specify your needs

Describe as much as possible what you expect from us.

If in addition to style editing and spell checking, you have another request (you wish to modify some sentences, you want the text to sound more formal or more informal in order to address the reader in a unique way, you wish to reduce the text, to expand a fragment to go into more detail, etc.) do not hesitate to let us know.

Corrección de textos rápida


We agree on a deadline acceptable to both of us.

Is it urgent? This is also a fact to be taken into account because we may have to put a project on hold for a while to take care of yours.

Corrección de textos de páginas web


We will prepare a custom budget

We will prepare a budget adapted to your needs and the complexity of your text. If the text requires just a few tweaks, the price will be cheaper than if the text is unintelligible or contains many errors, because the time and dedication will be higher.

Corrección de textos profesional

We will deliver the revised text

All set!

We will deliver you the job taking care of every detail, within the agreed deadline (or even before) and we will issue the corresponding invoice.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions related to this proofreading service.
We will be happy to help you!

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I have read and accept the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy.

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